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Annual Beds

Annual flowers and plants allow you to add beautiful and stunning bursts of color to your landscape beds and garden with cool and warm-season flowers and greenery. West Farms Landscape Services helps brighten up your landscape in Gainesville, FL, and the surrounding areas with annual colors. We specialize in designing and installing long-lasting and colorful annual beds. We source flowers from multiple nurseries from different states. This allows us to provide a comprehensive variety of flowers for all seasons.

Transforming Your Landscape

Flower features and softscaping can make a world of a difference in your property’s curb appeal. However, it is important that the work is handled by experienced and talented professionals. We have over four decades of experience in providing landscaping services. Our specialized garden experts will take care of the entire process, including:

Annual Beds, Gainesville, FL
  • Selection of plants
  • Layout and arrangement
  • Delivery
  • Planting
  • Ongoing care

Our crew can recommend and source the right plants, shrubs, and perennial and annual flowers for your planting beds. From enhancing the natural beauty of your existing landscape to adding a completely new design element, we can create any effect to your liking.

Annual flowers, also known as seasonal colors, produce splendid blooms for the entire growing season before gradually dying. We will help you select flower species that are suitable for the local conditions and hardiness zone. Our garden experts will help you choose varieties of cool and warm-season annuals that add year-round color to your landscape and require minimal maintenance.

Our annual beds’ installation services will help you have a curb that stays filled with flowers all year round. When you incorporate different plant species into your landscape, it adds dimension and texture along with seasonal color.

Our Annual Beds Design & Installation Process

We start all our planting projects with an initial on-site consultation. This will involve discussing your specific needs, property, and budget. Your annual beds will be designed using vibrant and colorful flowers that thrive in the local conditions and last all season. Our team will then prepare your annual beds and install the flowers that create an attractive and attention-grabbing landscape.

Our preparation process for your new flower beds includes the following steps:

  • Designing and selecting the appropriate seasonal annuals
  • Removing old annuals and preparing the site
  • Roto-tilling the soil
  • Adding soil wherever required
  • Fertilizing using a high-quality bloom-buster fertilizer
  • Installing all the flowers

We can also provide maintenance services based on the package you select.

Choose the Landscaping Experts

West Farms Landscape Services provides annual flower installations to both residential and commercial properties throughout North Central Florida. We have been providing landscaping services since 1978 and are a member of the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce. It is important to understand that no landscape is complete without colors that decorate your property through different seasons.

If you want to discuss the design and installation of custom annual beds on your property, call us today at 352-495-9858. You can also reach fill this Online Form for a free estimate or to send us a message.
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