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Landscape Installation

Landscape installation does much more than accent the exterior of your home or commercial building. It can increase your property’s value, improve curb appeal, and play an important role in preventing foundational soil erosion. A typical installation job involves the addition or creation of new landscape plantings on the property. At West Farms Landscape Services, we provide full-service landscape installation solutions for residential and commercial properties in North Central Florida.

Our Landscape Installation Process

Landscape Installation, Gainesville, FL Our landscape installation services include bed preparation, plantings including perennials, annuals, and shrubs, and trees. We recommend new installations during the fall, spring, or early summer. All our landscaping projects include our clients in the process. From concept to completion, our experts will work with you to transform your visions into reality. The project will begin with a design consultation before we develop drawn-to-scale visuals for the planting layout and arrangement. This is followed by site preparation and plant placement to provide you a clear idea of the look and feel. We will complete the planting, lay the mulch, and finalize the project by providing you guidance on the nurturing process.

Expertise in Florida Native & Friendly Landscapes

We specialize in installing native and Florida-friendly landscapes that promote a conducive and natural ecosystem. Whether you want the plantings to be installed across the entire landscape or in a specific area, this approach means the use of low-maintenance plants. It will further result in sustainable and environment-friendly practices.

The Need for Landscape Installation

When a property remains unmaintained, it can become an unsightly space for you, your guests, neighbors, and potential buyers. You have invested time, money, and your imagination into your home. This makes it even more important to create a landscape that enhances your investment rather than hurting it.

You should look at landscape installations as home renovations. The project can significantly increase your property’s value. Improved curb appeal is estimated to increase a property’s value by around 20% or more, depending on the quality of the landscape work. However, the benefits do not just stop there. Our installation solutions will also help preserve the long-term health of your lawn. When we add various flora, shrubs, and trees to your landscape, it enhances the natural drainage system as well. Extra plants can absorb excessive groundwater, which contributes to the health of your grass. Large landscape installations such as trees can provide shade to your property. This can lower your energy costs and help save money in the long term.

We Are the Trusted Experts in Landscaping

Landscape installation is a multi-step process. It can involve property assessment, removal of existing landscape elements, adding new landscape elements, and proper installation. We are an experienced, fully licensed, and insured landscaping company in North Central Florida. We provide customized landscaping services to both residential and commercial properties in the region. Our team comprises certified, well-trained, and courteous professionals who take pride in transforming our clients’ visions and ideas into reality. We are a member of the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce. If you want to discuss your landscape installation project with us, call us today at 352-495-9858. You may also use this Online Form for an estimate or to send us your queries.
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