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Interior Plant Maintenance

You have indoor plants in your home or office. Interior plant maintenance is quite different from that for outdoor plantscapes. Keeping your plants healthy and beautiful requires special expertise. At West Farms Landscape Services, our experienced and qualified interior horticulture experts are familiar with all types of plants and the maintenance services required to keep them healthy and looking their best. We take charge of watering adjustment, fertilization, pruning, staking, repotting, foliage dusting, cleaning, rotation for even growth, and more. Founded in 1978, we are your full-service interior and exterior plant maintenance provider in North Central Florida,

Our Interior Plant Maintenance Service

Interior Plant Maintenance, Gainesville, FL Different types of interior plants require different kinds of care and maintenance. We have the experience, knowledge, tools, and resources required to provide optimal care to your indoor plants. Our maintenance services include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Watering: Our horticulture experts will monitor your plants to determine the right frequency and amount of watering required for the conditions.
  • Trimming & Pruning: We will trim leaves with brown tips and remove old leaves.
  • Cleaning: Proper dusting will contribute to the beauty and health of your plants.
  • Fertilization: We will fertilize the interior plants as needed to maintain their growth and greenery.

We also provide pest and disease treatment services, maintenance of floral design arrangements, and horticultural service. Our technicians will regularly visit your property to assess the appearance and health of your plants and take necessary maintenance actions. Your plants will be service by caring and qualified plant maintenance technicians.

Importance of Proper Watering

Incorrect watering is a common cause of plant death. Interiors with more illumination require more watering for plants and vice versa. Plants should be water thoroughly less often, ensuring the soil gets wet to the bottom of the pot. We will ensure the whole top area of the soil gets watered for even distribution.

Importance of Lighting

Incorrect lighting is the second biggest cause of plant death. We often come across interior plantscapes with poor plant designs that rob the plants of proper lighting. All plant types have their unique lighting needs, and our horticulturists have the relevant knowledge. We will consider the direction of light falling on your plants and the distance from the windows. Our technicians will place your indoor plants in the right places for long-term care and plant health.

Choose the Interior Plantscape Experts

At West Farms Landscape Services, our interior plant maintenance service is tailored to fit our client’s unique needs. You can expect a worry-free maintenance program that enhances your home or office’s interior beauty and extends the lifespan of your plants. Our horticulture professionals can also analyze foot traffic in the space and the potential impact on plant longevity.

We are a full-service landscaping company in North Central Florida. With decades of industry experience, we provide comprehensive services including the design, installation, and maintenance of your interior and exterior landscape. If you want to discuss your interior plant maintenance needs or want an estimate, call us today at 352-495-9858. You may also write to us via this Online Form.
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